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25M Christians Might Not Vote with Abortion, Parental Rights, Economy on Ballot

“The future of America is at stake in the upcoming congressional midterm elections in November, and early voting is already underway in many places. That's why one non-partisan, faith-based organization is working overtime to ‘motivate, equip and activate Christians across the U.S. to vote’. My Faith Votes estimates that 25 million Christians who are registered to vote, typically fail to participate in elections. The group is on a mission to help every Christian act on their faith and vote in every election.” read more at CBN News


  • Instead of kings who wield absolute power for entire lifetimes, America was established as a nation governed by the people. The government’s ability to wrest power from the people was reined in by an ingenious system of checks and balances. But what is often missed by pundits today was the expectation of our Founding Fathers, all of whom held great reverence for God and Scripture, that leaders possess a moral compass, and that virtue, justice, and righteousness were essential for government not to trample on the God-given rights of the people. And who chooses those leaders? We the people…through our vote.

  • In 2015, My Faith Votes was founded after learning just how many Christians were sitting on the sidelines in elections…an estimated 25 million. That number was unimaginable. We exist to motivate, equip and activate Christians in America to vote in every election, transforming our communities and influencing our nation with biblical truth. 

  • Today, there are many who want to drive the name and message of Christ completely out of the public arena. Voting is an opportunity to promote, protect, and preserve godly government. Passing up that opportunity means letting those who would denigrate the name of Christ have their way in our lives. The leaders we elect—or do nothing to remove—have great influence on our freedoms. They can choose to protect our first amendment right to religious freedom and the right to spread the gospel, or they can restrict those rights. They can lead our nation toward righteousness or toward moral disaster.

  • Here are five biblical reasons to vote:

  • 1. Voting demonstrates love for your neighbor. (Galatians 6:10)

  • 2. It is good stewardship of God's blessings. (Luke 12:48)

  • 3. Voting is a way to put faith in action. (James 2:26)

  • 4. Your vote helps preserve peace and freedom. (Jeremiah 29:7)

  • 5. Voting demonstrates reverence for God. (Romans 13)

  • What if there are no good candidates to vote for? We get this question a lot. Pastor Jack Hibbs gives great advice in this 2-minute quick clip. Watch here at MFV-TV.


We are just over 4 weeks away from the November 8 midterm elections. Our country is in desperate need of prayer. We are launching a national prayer effort between now and the elections to see millions of believers set aside time to pray for our country. Join us in prayer and download your free 4-week prayer guide. You can use this guide to pray every day individually, as a family, or with other believers. Feel free to share this resource with others as well.


Our popular yard signs are back in stock. Show that your faith votes in the midterms. These corrugated plastic signs are 18x24 in size with the message on both sides and come with the wireframe for easy display. Perfect for making a bold statement! Order yours here before they sell out again!

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